5 mindsets to get rid of your insecurities

5 mindsets to get rid of your insecurities

Here is 5 mindsets which will help to get rid of your insecurities friends

we all know that we not perfect yet some of us feel worse about it than others is what we call insecurities.

there is nothing worse than feeling bad about a particular aspect about yourself and its even worse when you can’t changed.

but lot of time our insecurities on a deeper level.

a lot of people think that they’re only ones with their particular insecurities.

well i’d like to reassure you my friend whatever it is that you insecure about, there are literally million people out there who feel the same way.

the more personal it is the more universal it is.

#1 Keeping things in perspective

I know this is very cliched but i really want to hammer in your mind.

whatever you’re struggling with with it can be always be worse , make a good habit to have is just be grateful.

this practice always reminds you the fact that no matter how bad something is i still have things going for me.



#2 work to improve those insecurities

The second thing you can do is try to figure out what you can do to improve those insecurities. like if you’re bulky you loose fat by running or going to gym.

you don’t have to paralysed by your insecurities.

obviously you should accept it but also work to improve .

do not complain about your insecurity to anyone work on fixing it


#3 Use it as a fuel

Now even if you do it all of those things there are some things that you just cannot fix.

so they only productive thing you can do is use it as a fuel.

Tony Robbins was teased about his statue when he was in high school because he was short.

now look where he is one of the most renowned public speaker in the world.

the point is more successful people learn to channelise their insecurity.

you’re going to glad that you were born with a disadvantage  because it on;y made you that much stronger.



#4  Push yourself out of comfort zone

Most of the people use their insecurity as an excuse to not to do something, they box themselves into their comfortable little fairy tales.

realise this most people are actually not as bad as you might think.

if you go out and try different things you realise that most people don’t make fun of you.

when you get out of your comfort zone you also become a lot more confident and you begin to appreciate all the other qualities you do have.



#5 Do good for others

This might not seem obvious but doing good for other actually make you feel good about yourself and raises your self-esteem.

once you start helping others who is less fortunate you will realise how fortunate you really are.

the fact that your balding doesn’t really matter.

life more than your insecurities its about how you overcome.



Here is Some easy mindsets which can make your life easier and helps to overcome from your insecurities.



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